Mount Joy College Administration


Our administration is determined to seek God's guidance in fulfilling the Mission Statement, Policies and Direction of Mt Joy College. We strive to be efficient, frugal, generous, and democratic as God's stewards in a demanding task and a wonderful opportunity. We will be bold but not extend the College foolishly, determined but recognize God's timing, hopeful but not naive. In all we do and say we want God to be glorified.

Although our government will not recognize God as our head because they can't bring Him to task, He is our Lord and Master.

The President attends to the daily operation of the College, putting into effect the decisions of the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors is responsible for operationalizing board decisions and enacting the College's mandate.

The Board of Directors makes policy, holds legal responsibility and directs the Executive Committee.

The members of the Board of Advisors are people from many countries with specific skills and experience. They are called upon individually for advice in their area of expertise and wisdom for their country and culture.

The College Faculty through their Faculty Committee advises and assists the President. They have one representative on the Executive Committee.

For further information regarding the operation and administration of Mt. Joy College , please phone the President or consult the Policies and Procedures Manual.

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