Office of the President

Office of the President

Biographical Notes:

Philip G. Ney, M.D., M.A. was raised in Canada , graduated in medicine from The University of British Columbia and trained as a child psychiatrist and child psychologist at McGill University , University of London and the University of Illinois . He taught in five universities in four countries and has been hospital and university department chairman

As an academic and clinician of more than thirty five years, he has done research into child abuse for more than thirty years and has authored or co-authored 66 scientific papers and 7 books. In his early research retired Professor Ney became increasingly aware of the reciprocal connection between child abuse and abortion. More recently he has studied children who are the survivors of abortion. He is conducting therapeutic groups for men and women abused as children in private practice in Victoria BC. From that experience, a book, "Ending the Cycle of Abuse: The Stories of Women Abused as Children and the Group Therapy Techniques that Helped Them Heal" has been published by Brunner/Mazel (Taylor & Francis), New York.

As a semi-retired professor, Philip Ney is currently researching the effects of various kinds of pregnancy losses on women's physical and mental health. With wife Dr. Marie Peeters-Ney, Philip conducts training sessions world-wide. He teaches the Hope Alive group counselling method at Mt Joy College and caters to scientific and lay audiences in many countries. This counselling process is specifically designed to reach adults who suffer from the combined deeply damaging effects of childhood mistreatment and pregnancy losses. A book describing the theory of the Hope Alive method, Deeply Damaged, was recently released by Pioneer Publishing, Victoria. An online course based on his research articles and his book Deeply Damaged is now available.

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