Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Whenever possible and wherever it is justified, Mt Joy College will attempt to financially aid students. The following options may be available:

  1. Scholarships for travel, tuition or accommodation.
  2. Bursaries, to be repaid by the student when and if possible.
  3. Student loans, to be repaid on a negotiated schedule.
  4. Work in lieu of payment, only available to students training in their own countries

For inquiries, you may send an email to Mount Joy College


Most of our training is done overseas in order to make good counselling available in as many countries as possible. On the Mt. Joy site we are new and still building. There is plenty of room for expansion.

We welcome financial contributions - either as monthly donations or yearly donations toward construction costs and other investments in the college. Please write us at or call us at 250-642-2844.

We also welcome donations toward scholarships for people from different countries. Please indicate the people from which country you would most like to help. You may make your checks payable to Mt. Joy College.