Statement of Faith

Statement of Faith

I am a Christian. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour. Almighty God is my Creator and Father. God's Holy Spirit is my Guide and Comforter.

I am a human born of water, reborn of God's Spirit.

I was an undeserving sinner, but by repentance through faith, enabled by God's amazing grace, I was saved by Christ's atoning death.

I was given forgiveness, freedom, eternal life, holiness in God's sight and His Spirit to live in me always in every circumstance.

Therefore, motivated by gratitude and love, I will obey God's command to love, praise and glorify Him. I will strive to love my neighbors as well as I love myself, regardless of their age, race, color, creed, disability or disease. I will work to meet the needs of all my neighbors. Thus I am pro life (from conception to death), pro family (parents of two sexes) and pro truth, beautiful and disturbing

I will resist the enemies of God, the distortion of truth, the destruction of creation and the dehumanizing of anyone.

I will share God's word and my faith, skills, time and resources so all I meet may have hope, healing and a personal knowledge of Christ as Saviour and Lord.

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