About the Founder

Background.   Philip, born 8/9/35, was raised on a farm north of Nanaimo, The middle of 7 children, he milked the family’s cows before and after school. His father Roney, was a well-wounded and decorated  WW I hero. He rejoined for WWII, training troops of the Canadian Scottish at the Nanaimo Camp. His genteel mother Elizabeth spent her adolescence in Government House Winnipeg where her father, Sir James Aikens, was 2.5 times Lt. Governor. Philip’s great-grandfather, Hon. James Cox Aikens, initially a Grit, recruited some like-minded Liberal Colleagues and walked across the House to save MacDonald’s minority government and thus save confederation. Did this make Philip a Conservative when he entered federal politics?

He has 5 children, all professionals and 10 grandchildren and 3 great-grans.

Academic. With a scholarship earned from being in both Army and Sea Cadets he attended Victoria College, infant UVic, He played rugby with such enthusiasm both U Vic and Oak Bay Wanderers were glad to have him except when they played each other. He graduated MD from UBC 1960, interned at VGH then specialized in child psychiatry at McGill and U of London. With his FRCPC, DPM and Dip Psych he led a team of professionals to consult in Hazelton, Smithers, Williams Lake, Prince George and other smaller communities in Northern BC. He then worked for the state of Illinois and earned a MA in child development at U. Illinois. Philip taught at UBC for 22 years and U of Hong Kong then U Otago where he was professor and chairman of both the academic and area-wide child psychiatric services. He then was professor at U. of Calgary, then professor in the Dept. of Family Practice UBC. He ran the child psychiatric services Royal Jubilee Hospital and then Ledger House. He has authored 72 scientific articles and 14 books. He has made some significant medical discoveries and advanced treatment programs.

Service and Political. In 1972, Philip inaugurated the West Trek program for youth, including sea time with the buy-back troller Nipentuck and hiking the West Coast Trail. Then he bought the fishing schooner Robertson II in Lockport NS and skippered her thru the Panama Canal. With his wife he set up and ran the Sail and Life Training Society, SALTS, then a Young Offenders program on the 178 ft. Western Horizon.  Having trained as a naval officer, fished commercially and sailed ships on various seas, Philip now runs a ship based drug rehabilitation program with 85’ schooner for the Horizons Unbound Rehabilitation and Training Society (HURTS) for young substance abusing adolescents.

With considerable dismay about the mistreatment of children, Philip ran for school board twice. On the 2nd occasion when he topped the polls, Premier David Barret asked him to run for the NDP in Oak Bay. He lost the nomination by 1 vote and decided he didn’t fit. Since then he ran as an Independent Candidate federally 4 times and once for the Christian Heritage Party. With 7 major elections to his credit, Philip realizes that politics can be both honorable and dirty, much depending on the party leader. Power hungry politicians easily lose their principles and cannot be trusted to insist on freedom of speech all the time. He served on the greater Victoria School Board twice and once for the Board of Camosun College and as a Director of Victoria Developments. Philip is pragmatic and business like. His policy is “Before promoting a new policy or unproven medical treatment, let’s first determine whether or not there is strong evidence it is good for individuals and community.”

Dishonored Though well liked and honored, Philip has an opposition who wish to undermine his reputation as honest and community caring. He had a brass plague on the parapet in front of the Empress Hotel honoring him for starting SALTS that was removed because of a malicious charge and rumors. The charge of harm to one of his dogs was dropped and never pursued for lack of evidence. He loves animals and cares for endangered species. More importantly he supports orphanages in Uganda. He  provides funding and technical support for desperately needed wells.

 Present Pursuits: With wife, Philip lives in Sooke, BC, Canada on a small tree farm. He still practices medicine part-time, makes significant discoveries, peer reviews for child psychiatry journals, keeps writing and composing hymns and songs. Together, Philip and Marie operate Mount Joy College, training people from many countries in the widely acclaimed Hope Alive program designed specifically for those who have been deeply damaged by a combination of childhood mistreatment and pregnancy losses. Having discovered the many harms to children who are raised in families where one or more siblings have been aborted, part of this program deals with the surviving child’s existential guilt and confused identity.

Philip is a scientist who taught post graduate research methodology. He has been invited to share his discoveries in many centers including: The English House of Lords, the Library of Foreign Literature, Moscow, the University of Sun Yak Sen, China, to Senators in Buenos Aries, in the European Parliament Brussels and at many professional meetings. As an NGO he won a debate at the UN Conference on Population in Cairo, 1994, winning the Population Implosion position against the almost universally held position of Population Explosion. The UN changed its constant clamour of Population Explosion about 10 years later because the trend of exponentially declining fertility rates everywhere was so obvious. Philip insists there are other plausible explanations for “global warming” which most political pundits ignore.

In his adventuresome life with many near death experiences, Philip believes God preserved and guided him. There have been many glowing successes but there have been as many discouragements, disappointments and serious oppositions. In all these Philip will say it was worth it for he came to know Jesus much better. He wants God to get the credit for all the accomplishments of his life.