Programs and Courses

Programs and Courses

The Hope Alive training is only offered to pro-life, pro-family Christians who are dedicated to fulfill Christ's mandate to heal and spread the good news. Thus every counselor must sign and adhere to the Mt Joy Statement of Faith, My Declaration for Life ethical statement and the Commitment to Professional Conduct.

Trainees and staff in some of the countries where Hope Alive has been taught

We offer Hope Alive training in residential setting as well as training courses conducted in various parts of the world.

The Need for Counsellors

There is an overwhelming need to treat those who are disturbed by intense emotions and handicapped by deep conflicts resulting from unresolved losses and abuses. It is estimated that 40-70% (depending on which country) of women and men by the age of 45 have been directly involved in at least one abortion. Approximately 20% of the population is estimated to have experienced childhood mistreatment.

In North America it is estimated that 50% of children have had an aborted sibling and are abortion survivors. Thus, each year approximately 200 million people worldwide are newly damaged by abortion and childhood mistreatment. They may be able to keep up a facade, but quickly fall apart with serious physical or psychiatric illnesses in times of crisis. You are invited to explore training with us if you are able and interested in a unique treatment program with proven effectiveness.

Hope Alive counselling is conducted as a consulting practice accepting referrals from physicians, pastors, priests, psychologists, social workers and other appropriate professionals. Each potential counsellee is carefully evaluated and may or may not be accepted for counselling.