Distance Learning

Distance Learning

keyboardWelcome to our Hope Alive
E-course! This course serves three purposes:

  1. To provide the theoretical basis for those who are wishing to train as Hope Alive group Counselors
  2. For people who desire conceptual framework and scientific information to support their intuitive Pro-Life leanings
  3. To challenge veteran pro-life people to think more deeply and initiate some research projects.

This course is sponsored by Mt Joy College which is a non- denominational Christian, registered Private Post Secondary Educational facility. The college provides courses for day students, residential students, international students and students on the internet. It is located on top of a small mountain with woods, meadows and 360-degree views of forests, oceans and snow-capped mountains.

For this e-course, we provide reading material, online chat room with an instructor, assignments and quizzes and a final examination that can be written on line.

For successful completion and pass units, students receive credits for these will be recognized by other colleges and universities with whom we have course recognition reciprocity.

Tuition and fees information for the e-course is available in the Tuition and fees section of the admission page.

The textbook Deeply Damaged can be ordered at Pioneer Publishing. Additional reading material will include essays and scientific papers.