Residential Training

Residential Training


Hope Alive Training

The Hope Alive Training equips the successful graduate to practice as a professional in the specific area of counselling those deeply damaged by childhood mistreatment and pregnancy loss, particularly abortion. This means that they must adhere to stringent rules governing their practice. It also means that they can charge appropriate fees, such that were they to work at Hope Alive counselling a 30 to 36 hour work week they would make a comfortable living. Most of our graduates start on a part time basis doing one or two groups in the evenings.

Supervisor Training

Mt Joy College provides experiential training to those experienced and qualified Hope Alive Counsellors who seek to be supervisors of counsellors in their own countries. Presently this course entails readings and 2 week residential theoretical and practical training. The emphasis is on careful observation of counsellor and counsellees in order to formulate the most helpful and best timed feedback. The supervisor has a heavy obligation to ensure quality control of the practice of Hope Alive and other programs.

Trainer Training

There is an enormous need for counsellors and plenty of willing and mature people to train in many countries. It makes better sense to train the most experienced and wisest supervisors to become trainers for their own people. Mt Joy College provides a 2 week residential course that concentrates on acquiring practical skills in the context of up to date teaching science.


Mt Joy College gives high priority to keeping up with the scientific literature and doing essential research. We have people with good skills at research methodology and are collecting raw data in areas ignored or avoided by others. At the present time we are doing studies to:

  1. analyze the results of the Hope Alive method, collecting data before, immediately after and at follow-up to determine which part of the program is most effective for which type of disorder.
  2. delineate the essential conflicts and symptoms of the Post Abortion Survivor Syndrome.
  3. find if there is any connection between induced abortion and autoimmune diseases.
  4. isolate the most important factors that determine a woman's and a man's choice for an abortion.
  5. locate factors that determine the transgenerational transmission of disease and tragedy.

We have access to clinical and normal populations. This all provides a golden opportunity for post graduate students to work along side seasoned researchers in order to do theses or try out their own bright ideas.

To enquire about possibilities send a CV and an outline of your proposal and source of funding.